Korean War Photos

United Nations Commander, General Douglas MacArthur

South Korean Capital in Seoul

U.S. First Cavalry north of the U.N,. defensive line in Pusan Region.

GIs patrol along Naktong  River.

MacArthur on board of Mt. McKinley observing marines landing on Inchon beachhead.

X Corps command on Inchon beach.

Fifth Air Force strikes enemy armor installation.

Village at Pusan perimeter.

U.S. M4 traversing rough terrain in western mountains.

Fifth  Air Force fighters on strafing mission.

GI searching for North Korean guerrillas.

Mobility of 75mm recoilless rifle significant in terrain too difficult to move heavy guns.

U.N. patrols seeking intelligence on enemy dispositions.

Koreans migrate with ebb and flow of battle.

U.S. infantry reach frozen Yalu River and attacked by Chinese army.

A dismissed General MacArthur receives ticker tape parade in San Francisco


Source of photos:

Veterans of Foreign Wars, Memorial Edition, Pictorial History of the Korean war. Editor Jay Allen Cassino. Veterans' Historical Book Service, Inc 1951.

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