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The ghetto was the Nazis supply depot that fueled their "final solution" to liquidate Euopean Jewry.

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Concentration Camps

The concentration camp was the final step in the Nazis march to create a Europe without Jews.

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World War 2 Aircraft

The startling distinction between the "Great War" (1914-1918) and WW2 was the emphasis on the air war and World War 2 aircraft.

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Holocaust Timeline

Why is the Holocaust significant in the American experience of WW2? A young soldier in the 4th Armored Division that liberated the Ohrduf concentration camp remarked

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Revolutionary War Weapons

Revolutionary War Weapons: Patriots acquire cannon, muskets and rifles to prepare for a revolution.

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World War 2 Photographs Part 5 - 1945

World War 2 reached its crescendo in 1945. This section presents the rarest, dramatic photos of Allied victory.

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World war ii Photos Part 4

The final act of World War 2 is captured by the vast number of pictures chronologically describing 1944-1945,

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World War 2 Photos Part 3

This World War 2 photos Part 3 continues to chronologically exhibit rare photos from 1943 wth links to each year of war.

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World War 2 Pictures Part 1

Choose from a treasure trove of rare World War 2 pictures Part 1 with chronological commentary.This pictorial history, monthly diary records events that incrementally changed the world.

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Aftermath World War 2 Photos- Part 6

A treasury of select World War 2 pictures that immediately followed the conflict.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A common denominator in a study of American wars is its casualties. Post traumatic stress disorder was overlooked in the category of the wounded.

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War of 1812 Info

All the War of 1812 info that guaranteed U.S. sovereignty, but also created domestic discord.

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War of 1812 Battles

War of 1812 Battles focuses on American invasion of Canada, British invasion of the south and the war at sea.

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Vietnam War Weapons

Almost every weapon used to close out World War 2 was altered, repackaged and made more destructive to engage in a war without front lines. Discover how Vietnam War weapons were used.

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Battles of the Revolutionary War

The battles of the Revolutionary War that led Americans to independence and became a credible foe of Britain.

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